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For the past 50 years, Wendell's innovative approach to belt loop inserts has resulted in numerous patents, solidifying our position as the sole industry leader. Our products fall into two distinct classes. The first class consists of fusible inserts that provide body and stability, especially effective for dress and khaki pants with unparalleled washing resistance. These styles feature our patented stitch-less belt loop operations, eliminating the need for sewing as the fusible permanently seals the loop, reducing stitching costs. Designers have the flexibility to choose the weight and softness to precisely match the garment type and functionality. 


In our second product group, Wenfuse, we specialize in denim belt loops. After fusing, intense resins are melted inside the belt loop, bonding the denim thread together at the cut line. The melted Wenfuse securely holds denim fibers together, eliminating fraying after cutting and enhancing rack appeal. These anti-fray properties persist throughout the garment's lifespan, ensuring a polished appearance without the unsightly effects of fraying. Wendell continues to lead the industry with cutting-edge solutions that elevate both form and function in garment design. 

Denim Jeans


Wenfuse products are extruded and supplied in a slit form, typically ranging from 5/8” to 2” wide, with three available thickness options: 2, 3, and 4 mil. For less aggressive denim washes, we recommend the lower mil thickness, while the higher mil thickness is ideal for acid, industrial, and aggressive washes. This versatile product eliminates the need for high cleaning and cutting threads off the belt loop during the packing process and final inspection. 


Wenfuse is designed to withstand various washes, including acid, enzymes, stone, and even the demanding golf ball wash process. To further support our clients, our development and sales team offers the option of Wenfuse processors, specialized fusing machines for the application. These machines can be leased, purchased, or provided on a contract basis free of charge, ensuring a comprehensive and flexible solution for our customers' needs. 


Imagine a world where stitching your belt loop for dress or khaki garments is a thing of the past. With Wendell's select product, stitching becomes unnecessary. These inserts offer a dual advantage—they can be used either stitched or unstitched. Additionally, they provide crucial structure, preventing the dreaded "flappy" belt loop phenomenon after washing. Even with repeated washing, our product maintains its structural integrity. Our versatile product offering includes various thickness options and hand feels, available in different widths to suit the design and placement of belt loops. Wendell brings innovation to garment construction, offering both convenience and structural reliability. 

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