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At Wendell Technical Development Group, we specialize in crafting high-quality products that seamlessly blend form and function. Our team is at the forefront of advanced design and unique product development, with worldwide laboratories providing the technical support necessary to align interlining choices with body fabric and design intentions, thereby inspiring and delivering spirited results for designers. 


Our interlinings are meticulously engineered to meet the diverse needs of classic and tailored suits, as well as casual and performance attire, including outerwear. The foundation of your garments begins with our structural products, which encompass woven, weft, knitted, and nonwoven groups, each tailored to suit your specific garment requirements. 


Equally vital is our component parts division, which offers structural support components such as pre-cut sewn tapes for reinforcements, fused elements, and classic sewn basting-stitch chest pieces, shoulder pads, and sleeve heads. Each of these items is meticulously designed to enhance the unique characteristics of your garments. 


Our recent breakthroughs in the utilization of natural yarns within our products ensure optimal recovery and resilience.

Wood Structure
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Modern Outerwear Coats Embrace High Fashion and Innovative Fabrics 


Today's high-fashion outerwear coats feature a wide range of innovative fabrics, from lightweight and stable to elastic, coated, and uncoated materials. Wendell Interlinings excel in matching the right interlining with these fabrics, ensuring durability through repeated washes. Coats fabrics, normally coarse in nature, require specialized coatings to securely bond with the fabric. Wendell's product line includes lighter-weight nonwovens, knitted weft insertions, and natural animal hair canvases. Additionally, our design team has created stabilizing tapes for added reinforcement in critical areas. 


Furthermore, our designers have introduced innovative printed under-collar cloths, offering over 100 unique designs, including custom options and a variety of colors and weights. These additions contribute to the chic and stylish image of today's modern fashion concepts. 

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Wendell Interlinings leads the industry with cutting-edge innovations, including our revolutionary front-forward fusible technology. This innovation not only offers traditional interlining support but also incorporates outward-facing designs, eliminating the need for traditional linings. 


Our modern under-collar cloths have been recently developed, boasting an impressive array of colors, various patterns, and even custom-designed patterns.


In our traditional woven product line, you'll discover more than 100 variations, including horsehair, camel hair, goat hair, polyester, viscose, and monofilament combinations. These support a wide range of jacket and blazer front parts. Our sewing operations offer pre-sewn chest pieces and sleeve heads, utilizing various components in various sizes and shapes to bring your design concepts to life. 


For fusible applications on fronts and lapels, we offer a range of products, including both lightweight and heavier weight nonwovens, weft insertions, and newly developed water jet woven products that deliver a soft, flowing hand effect. To further enhance structural integrity and reduce stretching in critical areas, our collection includes over 50 different sewn, biased, and fusible tapes. 


At Wendell Interlinings, we're dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation to meet the demands of modern fashion design.

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Wendell Interlining serves as the cornerstone for waistbands, fly areas, back pockets, and piping in your garments. Our stretch fabrics seamlessly complement our fusible stretch waistband items, which offer impressive stretch capabilities, with over 100% recovery. Alternatively, you can explore our product line of stabilized interlinings to achieve the desired support and a firmer hand feel. 


Within our product range, you'll find innovative solutions like our no-roll waistband stabilizers. These ensure that the waistband stays in place during wear, preventing any rolling or folding over. We are committed to providing solutions that enhance the comfort and durability of your clothing designs.

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