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At Wendell Global Interlinings we understand that every fashion designer's creative journey is a unique and vibrant process. That's why we offer a suite of specialized Designer and Lab Services aimed at transforming your design concepts into exquisite, real-world garments. Our commitment is to provide unwavering support for every step of your creative process, ensuring that each design detail is executed with precision and innovation.



CONCEPTUALIZATION : Our team of experienced designers is poised to help you turn your innovative ideas into tangible creations. Whether you have a vision for a groundbreaking garment or need assistance refining existing designs, we're here as your trusted partner.

OFFLINE SEWING CAPABILITIES : We specialize in offline sewing, including the skillful sewing of chest pieces and other intricate components for high-end fashion wear. Our craftsmanship in offline sewing adds an extra layer of artistry to your designs.


CUSTOM SOLUTIONS : We understand that no two designs are the same. Our expertise and technology allow us to craft custom interlining solutions that perfectly align with your unique requirements.


COLLABORATIVE INITIATIVES & MOCKUP PREPARATION : Our expansive studio engages in collaborative ventures with renowned brands, offering design services of the utmost quality. We meticulously craft mock-ups for women's jackets, considering lapel and front fusing applications. The studio demonstrates exceptional proficiency in crafting waistband prototypes, highlighting accomplishments in both casual and dress shirts. Our attention to detail extends to collar, band, placket, and cuff designs.


FRONT PANELS FOR MEN'S SUITS : In the realm of men's suits, our offerings encompass the crafting of front panels, taking into account traditional fusible fronts, natural hair canvas, under-collar cloths, as well as shoulder and chest components. Our unwavering commitment to meticulous craftsmanship guarantees that your men's suits consistently adhere to the most exacting standards of quality.


COLLABORATION : We firmly believe that the best results are born from collaboration. Our designers work closely with you, ensuring that your creative vision remains at the core of every decision.



COMPREHENSIVE TESTING : Our lab services are both comprehensive and complimentary. We conduct compatibility and bond testing with your fabric to ensure that our interlining products seamlessly complement your designs.

PHYSICAL REPORTS & SAMPLES : We provide comprehensive physical reports and samples, including wash testing and sewn-in mockups, to give you the assurance that your designs will meet and exceed your expectations.

OPTIMAL COMPATIBILITY : Our team offers expert recommendations to ensure optimal compatibility between our interlinings and your fabric. We adhere to ASTM standards to ensure the highest quality in every detail.

COLOR MATCH REPORTS : Achieving the perfect color is pivotal in the fashion industry. We provide detailed color match reports to ensure that your designs align perfectly with your creative vision.

What sets Wendell Global Interlinings apart is our unwavering dedication to your creative journey. We don't simply provide interlinings; we offer a complete solution that supports every facet of your design process. Whether you're crafting the next runway sensation or creating timeless classics, we're here to make your creative vision a resplendent reality.


For further insights into our Designer and Lab Services and to discover how we can elevate your designs, please contact us.


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