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We prioritize durability in our product construction. 


Our workwear garments rely on interlinings as their foundational strength. Our specialized items are meticulously engineered to endure over 100 washes with minimal to no compromise in integrity. Durability remains our paramount focus as we weave designer-inspired concepts into our products to enhance flexibility, stability, drape, and even stretch, resulting in the perfect final garment. 


Our innovative line of flame-retardant products establishes the industry benchmark, certified to meet rigorous FR testing standards. Our dedicated development teams consistently work towards creating workwear solutions that will meet the future demands of yet-to-be-conceived ideas.

Industrial Storage
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We engineer our interlinings for lasting performance, capable of enduring over 100 wash cycles regardless of temperature variations. These products find extensive use in various garments, including shirts, jackets, pants, coveralls, and dresses. They resist dye absorption, making it possible to wash different items together without worrying about color transfer. 

In our embroidery division, we've developed a durable backing that maintains the appearance of embroidered designs through numerous wash cycles without shrinkage or puckering. 

Wendell's industrial wash interlining group includes woven and nonwoven options, offering enduring performance for a range of industrial wash shirts, even with high-temperature washes up to 120°C, including harsh treatments like acid wash and enzyme wash processes. 

For woven pants requiring interlinings that withstand 100X wash cycles, we use advanced materials and patented resin systems. These interlinings offer excellent stretching and recovery, ensuring waistband stability and functionality, particularly when incorporating Lycra® into various products.



Our Wearguard product groups offer diverse flame-retardant (FR) properties and index levels, typically tailored to match the outer fabric of the garment. These products are manufactured using various technologies and processes tailored to meet the specific requirements of the final garment. Achieving certification within the garment's FR specifications has necessitated substantial development in FR technologies.



Interlinings play a pivotal role in protective clothing, offering stretch and flexibility for superior mobility. Harsh conditions demand durability and resilience through repeated washes. Our specialized resin compounds have been tested for over 50 washes in various conditions including bleach, hot, and cold water conditions as well as highly demanding industrial wash settings.

Wendell's highly flexible interlinings form protective barriers against water and wind while offering breathability at different weights and thicknesses. Specialized interlinings with extruded films reinforce seams for waterproofing. Our tapes are versatile for stretch and flexibility, available in printed or transparent options. 

Consider our flame-retardant Wearshield(R) interlinings, certified by third-party labs like SGS. They balance airflow, softness, and structural integrity. Wearguard products excel in applications where air permeability isn't required, providing varying levels of air barriers. 

Within this category, specialty items, including embroidery backings (cut away and tearaway), reduce puckering and deliver a durable, polished appearance. 

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