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In the development of our durable children's interlining product group, we place the utmost importance on Oeko-Tex certification, particularly targeting a zero-tolerance approach to all formaldehyde additives and harmful chemicals. Our children's interlinings not only prioritize durability but also style, striking a careful balance to offer designers the perfect interlining for their inspired creations. 


Children's uniforms demand the highest standards of durability and product support, especially in pants, shirts, and dresses. The frequent washing of kids' garments necessitates our strongest resin compounds and formulations to meet heightened bonding and wash requirements. Our specialized line of knee patch items, available in various hand feels and thicknesses, ensures durability for over 100 washes and eliminates the unsightly holes that can occur during playground activities. The complex materials and resins designed for these products guarantee years of washing, ensuring the interlining's use for the entire life of the garment. 


In response to market demand, Wendell has innovatively created super wash interlinings that can withstand the 90°C garment dye processes popular in children's garment production. Our product calendaring effect not only eliminates pilling but also provides 8-way stretch comfort when applied to the garment. 

Leaves Shadow


Our specialized OTB (over the back) lightweight knitted interlinings are designed to eliminate the scratchy and prickly feel typically experienced when the backside of embroidery designs comes into contact with children's skin. 


Equipped with single-head Tajima machines in our studios, we create design mock-ups and conduct thorough testing to recommend the perfect tearaway or cutaway backing, precisely matched for thread counts and design functionality. Our backing provides a 1-to-1 stretch ratio, ensuring equalization of tension in all quadrants, thus balancing the tension and maintaining the design's integrity after finishing and washing. 


Our tearaway backing not only offers ease of tearing but also imparts added stability to prevent puckering. These backings are available in recycled versions, with various weights, thicknesses, and hand feels, and come in black and white options. 


In addition, our special line of topping materials dissolves upon water application, securely holding threads in place after the embroidery process. Our Solvy-type items are available in different weights and widths, providing versatile solutions for embroidery applications. 



For the utmost comfort of our newborns, we understand that softer is better. That's why we provide a wide variety of products certified to the Oeko-Tex Class 1 standard, ensuring the highest safety standards for our babies. Our over-the-back (OTB) products play a crucial role in preventing any scratchy feeling on the delicate skin of babies. 


Our soft Skinfuse knit products are meticulously designed to strike the perfect balance between comfort, protection, and durability. This ensures that none of our products have any chance of delaminating from the garment, offering a reliable and gentle solution for the well-being of our little ones.

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