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Wendell Interlinings seamlessly integrate the principles of stretch, stability, and durability into our activewear products, recognizing the enduring nature of these garments that demand the utmost bond and longevity for years of wear. 


Within our interlining family, we have introduced elastic-type stretch, allowing for over 100% stretch and full recovery. The ongoing vision from our development team aims to infuse breathability into garments by precisely managing air permeability and flow through the interlining structure. 


Our Wenfuse line of products, refined over 80 years, sets the industry benchmark for bonding solutions. Departing from traditional sewing methods, bonding resolves intricate design challenges by minimizing complete stitch lines. Engineered for flexibility, our adhesives adeptly move to strike a balance between durability and comfort. They offer optimal stretch and recovery while providing a sleek, smooth finish and a soft hand feel for unparalleled next-to-skin comfort. 


Wenfuse not only unlocks creativity in design and application but also streamlines material utilization and manufacturing processes, enhancing discretion and pushing the boundaries of both aesthetic appeal and performance. By showcasing innovative applications of Wenfuse concepts, we open new avenues for designers and developers, offering ultimate customization. In the realm of garment construction, materials play a pivotal role. Whether you're working with cotton, wool, polyester, rayon, linen, wovens, or knitted fabrics, our adhesives accommodate a range of materials that are typically incompatible with traditional bonding methods. 

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The selection of interlinings poses unique challenges when working with knit outer fabrics for sports and activewear. The interlining must demonstrate durability to withstand repeated washes and move seamlessly with the specialized fabrics used in these garments. Specifically, interlining fusibles need to adhere to the distinctive features of the fabric, including antibacterial properties, high stretch, moisture-wicking capabilities and UV protection.


Interlinings in this category fit applications in various areas such as waistbands, flys, plackets, cuffs, and collars. The collection of interlinings receives special attention, offering a range of weights, stretch percentages, and hand feels that complement the knit fabric. The goal is to enhance the garment without pushing the fabric beyond its comfort zone, ensuring a harmonious blend of functionality and comfort. 

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Performance fabrics in this category demand a diverse range of innovative interlining solutions, and Wendell stands at the forefront of meeting these high requirements. Our high-stretch interlinings and bonding solutions are tailored to collaborate seamlessly with outerwear fabrics characterized by high stretch, allowing the creation of jackets that move in harmony with the body, free from restrictions. 


Numerous outerwear fabrics in this category boast advanced technology coatings on their surfaces. Wendell Performance Materials takes pride in engineering adhesive technology solutions that are fully compatible with these coatings. This compatibility ensures outstanding performance, regardless of the activity for which the garments are worn. 

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