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We seamlessly combine Comfort, Durability, and Relaxed Construction. 


In the realm of casual wear, our engineers face daily challenges to meet the highest standards of performance

and durability, all while incorporating comfort into your unique design concepts. 


Our product line features a fusion of knitted, weft, water jet wovens, and nonwoven performance yarns and fibers, ensuring a soft, flowing, and elastic fit. 


Throughout the production process, we employ cutting-edge adhesive technologies, enabling our products to withstand repeated wash cycles. Our specialized adhesive designs ensure peak performance even during the toughest wash treatments, such as stone wash, acid wash, golf ball wash, post-garment dye, and enzyme wash. 


Join us on our journey of ongoing development as we push our engineers to create next-generation products that align with the ever-evolving innovations in today's cutting-edge fabric industry.

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We establish stringent washability standards within our casual wear interlining product group. Whether it's fluid jackets or high-fashion designs, they demand soft, inconspicuous interlinings that quietly shape and enhance the garment. Modern fabrics require products with stretch and recovery, along with controlled structure, allowing the garment to stand on its own. 


Our offerings now include a palette of over 30 different colors and patterned interlinings, eliminating the need for a separate lining, as the interlining itself serves both functions. These advanced combinations of lining and interlining empower cutting-edge fashion designs.

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We hold a special appreciation for waistbands, where interlinings play a crucial role. We prioritize the need for resilient resins that anchor waistbands during harsh treatments like acid wash and industrial laundering. 


Our waistband collection features items designed for a perfect match with fabric and design, offering up to 100% stretch and complete recovery. These stable interlinings create softer or firmer textures and adjust bulk according to the designer's style preferences. 


Additionally, our product range includes belt loop fusibles, contributing to the structure of casual pants, and delivering anti-fray results for denim and jeans.

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Wendell's casual shirt interlinings adhere to rigorous wash standards, catering to customers who keep their shirts for extended periods and are tested for up to 100 washes. These products are available in both woven and nonwoven variants, with the specialized nonwovens delivering comparable results to many woven interlinings, but at a fraction of the cost. 


Our exclusive line of nonwovens offers alternatives to woven interlinings, with various weights and textures. Woven options span from very light to firm, tailored to the fabric and shirt design. Of utmost significance, our interlinings are well-suited for the new generation of heat-sensitive fabrics, utilizing a sanforized process to reduce shrinkage to less than 2% 

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