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At Wendell Global Interlinings, our unwavering dedication revolves around designer inspiration. We are driven by a passion to innovate with fabrics, propelling our development team forward as we consistently create specialized interlinings that enhance stretch, texture, body, and transparency to bring the designer's vision to life. 


Our dynamic interlining offerings continue to evolve, encompassing 8-way stretch, Bi-stretch, sheer and lightweight options, as well as heavier and bolder selections. These structurally stable products help mold and shape garments in line with the designer's inspiration. 


Wendell elevates each garment's quality by incorporating cutting-edge technologies such as circular knits, flat knits, wefts, broken twills, and new advancements like floating weft and hollow weft into the garment production process. Additionally, our highly sought-after and exclusive resin systems provide the utmost durability, ensuring that our interlinings withstand washing and offer ease of application during production. 

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The ever-evolving landscape of blazer and jacket fashion, coupled with advancements in fabric technology, sparks the imagination of our innovative team. We thrive on the challenge of working with a diverse range of fabrics – from lighter to heavier, stable to stretch, and those with special finishes. Our goal is to seamlessly match our array of products, which includes wovens, knitted materials, and nonwovens, to your unique fabric and design. 


Wendell understands the varying price points demanded by the market, and as such, we offer superior natural canvas for classic tailoring and traditional wefts. Our model studio is equipped to provide you with impeccable mock-ups, helping you select the perfect interlining for your fronts, lapels, small parts, and collars. 


Woven, weft, and nonwoven Wendell interlinings serve as the foundational support for various applications, ranging from water-repellent rainwear to heavier winter coats. Our interlinings are designed to uphold the structure of your garments for years to come, and our patented resin fusible systems ensure the durability of repeated washings throughout the life of your garment.

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At Wendell Global Interlinings, we specialize in constructing your garments from the inside out, providing the essential support and structure needed for waistbands and various component parts of your designer-inspired trousers and skirts. We meticulously tailor the stretch and transparency of the interlining to match your fabric in our state-of-the-art design studio, where we also create mockup garments based on your CAD designs. 


What's most crucial to us is ensuring that the bond levels of our fusible interlinings remain intact for the entire lifespan of your garment. Our commitment is to deliver garments that not only meet your design vision but also stand the test of time. 

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Wendell's Shear Interlinings: Elevating Blouse Fabrics 


Wendell's shear interlinings set the standard for superior softness, structure, and stretch. Available in 2-way, 3-way, and 8-way versions, these interlinings are meticulously crafted to harmonize with blouse fabrics, offering not only a perfect match but also high bonding durability that extends the life of your garment. 


Our specialized lightweight interlinings boast 'see-through' characteristics, making them ideal for use with the most delicate fabrics, creating captivating transparency effects. Blouse interlinings serve as the foundational support for your garment's structure and come in a range of options, including nonwovens, wovens, knitted, and circular knitted tricots, offering a diverse palette of over 100 different color schemes to choose from. 


Our commitment to craftsmanship extends to waistbands as well. We carefully tailor our specialized interlinings to seamlessly align with your fabric and design concept, offering options for soft or firm hands, stretchy or stable support, and the choice of adding bulk or transparency effects to achieve your perfect garment. 

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