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Our developers are dedicated to the challenge of seamlessly integrating softness and functionality into our interlinings,

aligning with the visionary concepts of designers. This pursuit stands at the forefront of their aspirations. 


In crafting products for Nightwear and Underwear, we prioritize incorporating softness, recognizing that the interlining often comes into direct contact with the skin. Our range of interlinings excels in both softness and wash durability, enduring over 50 washes in extensive tests. All our interlinings adhere to safety standards and are certified by Oeko-Tex. 


These products manifest themselves within the garment, providing essential stability. They come in a spectrum, ranging from soft to firmer textures, and from lighter to heavier weights. Given the prevalence of stretch fabrics in contemporary garments, our Nightwear stretch interlinings are tailored to match the exact stretch percentage of these new fabrics. 


For garments requiring embroidery, we have developed specialized products with embroidery backing that effortlessly washes out after the first wash, ensuring no prolonged contact with the skin. Additionally, our OTB (over the back) interlinings offer a unique solution to prevent skin contact, creating a soft and smooth barrier. 


Drawing on over 50 years of expertise, our technical development teams have pioneered advanced fusible web and films for laminating foam, fabric, and tricot in multi-layer structures for intimate apparel production. Our developments ensure robust durability in wash, rapid and efficient fusing, and penetration across various substrates and fabrics. Recent years have seen our team rise to the challenge of offering ultra-low fusing temperature products, accommodating the heat-sensitive fabrics now prevalent in these applications." 


Morning Light
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Sleepwear is designed with comfort in mind, and our interlinings contribute a stretchable and comfortable layer that adapts to the garment's movements. The interlining not only facilitates freedom of movement but also provides structural support in critical areas. All Wendell items, including sleepwear, are Oeko-Tex approved, ensuring they are free from harmful chemicals. Additionally, some designers opt for our wearguard products to enhance flame-retardant (FR) performance. 


We employ high-technology resins to ensure that our interlinings maintain their properties even after repeated washes, demonstrating a commitment to durability and longevity. 

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Our extrusion process yields some of the most innovative films and webs, seamlessly combining fabrics, tricots, and foams into single-use items. Our technologies encompass layered items that blend different fusibles at various heat settings, as well as ultra-light and stretch films and webs. The wash results vary, ranging from the resin only activating to facilitate controlled sewing, washing away, to resin combinations enduring over 100X wash cycles. 


Equipped with our new studio and laboratory, we offer mock-up molds and create combined laminated functional samples using fabrics supplied by customers. This facilitates the development of perfect prototypes, ensuring the integration of our cutting-edge technologies into the final product. 

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