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 Embroidery backings constitute a pivotal component in decision-making processes related to design requirements and manufacturing variabilities. These backings fall into two distinct categories: cutaways and tearaways. Cutaways, typically employed in heavier weights, facilitate soft hands with no stretch, thereby ensuring stability in high-stitch designs. On the other hand, tearaways provide stability and ease of application, characterized by clean tears without any unsightly hanging chads. Our premium tearaways possess tear properties in both directions, expediting processing and ensuring a clear appearance on the reverse side. 


Wendell offers a range of specialty items, including Over-the-Back (OTB) fusible, designed to prevent scraping against the skin. Additionally, we provide water-soluble toppings to secure against unwanted thread lifting and pressure-sensitive fusible applique paper for precise placement of appliques under the embroidery machine's sewing head. 

Multicolored Spools of Thread


Wendell proudly manufactures an extensive range of Tearaway items designed for clean tearing and ease of tear resistance in both directions, ensuring the perfect tear and stability. Our production process involves utilizing short fibers through our wet laid technologies. Individual fibers of Rayon and Polyester are crafted using a wet process and applied onto a mat formation, leveraging gravity flows to achieve the utmost consistency in our products. These Tearaway items are available in black and conveniently offered in precut squares. 


Wendell's cutaway items are engineered to deliver 100% stability, eliminating stretch in both directions, including the 90” bias direction. These products offer a soft hand feel to the touch, making them ideal for high-stitch count applications. Available in rolls or pre-cut applications, our cutaway items provide a reliable solution for embroidery projects requiring exceptional stability. 


Wendell offers a specialized backing topping that, upon contact with water, dissolves completely into a glue-like consistency, easily washing away. This innovative product effectively secures free-flowing threads in place, minimizing unsightly fraying. Particularly beneficial for towels and terry cloth applications, our product is available in various weights tailored to specific embroidery requirements. 


Our specialized appliqué product features a fusible nonwoven carrier with release paper and a pressure-sensitive adhesive. The process involves fusing it to your fabric, cutting it to shape, and then peeling off the release paper. Subsequently, it is positioned under the embroidery machine sewing head, securely held in place during the stitching operation. This ingenious product and concept were developed by the Wendell product design and application team. 


Wendell's fusible knitted product line, typically employed in children's garments, establishes a gentle barrier between the skin and the direct embroidery design. These products hold Oeko-Tex 100 approval, ensuring adherence to stringent standards, and successfully pass mandatory flame-retardant testing. This makes our fusible knitted products a reliable choice for ensuring both comfort and safety in children's apparel applications. 

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