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Our commitment to manufacturing versatility, coupled with extensive engineering expertise, fuels our innovation, propelling our machinery and development teams to new heights. 


Our traditional Rachel wefts, crafted from polyesters, nylon, viscose, and cotton, as well as synthetic yarns, offer the stability required for jacket fronts, lapels, and coats. To enhance softness, we've perfected high-quality brushing techniques, meticulously breaking down yarns to achieve the ideal hand feel and depth. The polyester textured weft collections not only deliver lightweight hand feels and exceptional stability but also encompass a broad range of stretchy products in different weights and textures in both the warp and weft. This collection serves as an ideal solution for women's separates and jackets, providing a blend of softness and elasticity. 


Supported by our expansive production facilities housing circular knit tricot machines and flat knit machines, our knit collections utilize low denier yarns to complement the lightest to heaviest fabrics, suitable for jacket and blazer applications. Knitted tricot exhibits superior stretch characteristics and subtle hand drapes. Following the knitting process, we employ natural processes for washing and finishing, incorporating recent advancements in dry finishing methods to eliminate water usage entirely. 


In the final stages, our engineered resin and coating techniques utilize the dry dot and double-dot methods, featuring blends or individual resin formulations of polyamide and polyester thermoplastic resins. 

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We boast one of the largest capacities in the industry, featuring 150 circular knit machines that utilize standard 30D, 50D, and 75D yarns. Our extensive finishing and dyeing operations cover an impressive spectrum of over 400 color lines, all produced using a DTM (Dye to Match) approach. This is seamlessly integrated with our durable double coat resin coating process, ensuring both stable quality and cost-effective processes. 


In the realm of tricot fusible, our products have become the industry standard for blouses, knits, dresses, and jackets where stretch is desired. These fusibles can be effortlessly paired with fabrics and designs that offer varying degrees of stretch, providing versatile options for a range of applications. 


Rachael Wefts are manufactured in deep, rich blacks and are available in weight ranges spanning 80 to 200 GSM. This versatile range allows seamless pairing with jackets and coats of varying weights, from lighter to heavier options. These wefts undergo a coating process using the highest quality polyamide, ensuring exceptional washability and dry-cleaning results. 


Our flat knit series and textured-weft series are predominantly crafted in lighter weights, offering the flexibility of stretch in the weft directions when required, while maintaining complete stability. In certain specialized operations, members of this product series can also undergo brushing processes to enhance their softness. Each item in the collection is engineered with the highest quality durable resin coating systems. This designer collection is exceptionally well-suited for women's jacket fronts, lapels, and component parts for sportswear. 

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