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Emerging in the early 1970’s, nonwovens gradually began supplanting traditional woven counterparts. Over the last 50 years, Wendell has spearheaded technological advancements in this field, resulting in the widespread incorporation of nonwovens in nearly every garment. Wendell produces nonwovens with varying weights, softness, and now even stretch properties. 


The primary advantage of nonwovens lies in their cost-effectiveness, offering quality comparable to higher-priced woven interlinings. Wendell Interlinings utilizes various manufacturing methods tailored for diverse applications. Most nonwovens undergo finishing with adhesive resins, boasting over 200 different combinations. This allows for customization in wash and durability, hand feel, and fusing conditions, ensuring adherence to the precise requirements of each garment and design. 


Wendell's technical team is readily available to visit production factories and provide support for pre-production requirements. Additionally, all Wendell interlinings, including our nonwovens, are available in recycled options with GRS certifications. 

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Drylaid nonwovens play a crucial role in interlining applications where a sturdier feel is desired, and multidirectional strength is essential. Typically, Polyester and Rayon fibers are employed in this product group. The weight of these nonwovens can range from as low as 10 GSM to as high as 250 GSM. Beyond interlining, drylaid nonwovens find application in our industrial division, particularly in sectors such as automotive, furniture, and footwear. 


In the production process, the product undergoes coating with selective adhesive resins, tailored to match the specific requirements of garments and other applications. This is achieved through the Pinpoint Dot process and overall coating methods, employing various resin formulations. 


Our Wet Laid collections are crafted in a range from 20 GSM to over 150 GSM, typically featuring a blend of Cellulose and Polyester fibers. These collections primarily cater to the high-quality embroidery backing market, offering both cutaway and tearaway options. The cutaway product ensures stability with no stretch, allowing for full multidirectional stretch, while the tearaway variant facilitates easy tearing for added convenience. 


In addition to serving the embroidery industry, our industrial division makes extensive use of these items in various applications such as filters for food and air, battery components, wire harness casing, and various automotive and industrial settings. 


We have recently incorporated polyester spunbond technology into our production capabilities. Spunbond Polyesters offer stretch in all directions, providing a firmer hand feel ideal for casual and dress shirts, where a non-fusible application is typically preferred. Wendell's design team has diligently developed and introduced a comprehensive line of these items, intended to replace traditional woven materials commonly used in shirt production. 

Our Polypropylene spunbond lines offer multi-layer options, reaching up to (S3) for three-layer strength. These items are manufactured in weights ranging from 10 grams to 100 GSM, and widths of up to 3 meters, available in a diverse palette of over 100 colors. Traditionally utilized in the production of masks, medical gowns, as well as in agricultural, furniture, seating, and packaging applications, these products showcase versatility and durability. 

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