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WOVEN Shirt interlinings


Wendell's Performance Collection of shirt interlinings offers versatility for all types of shirts, be it casual, dress, or polo. We uphold the highest standards, reflected in industry-leading tolerance levels. Our thread counts are meticulously precise, ensuring not a single pick is missed, with immaculate weaving and some of the highest counts in the industry. Our shrinkage levels consistently stay below 2%, confirmed through our Sanforization process. Precise color tones, including perfect white from the bleaching process, are controlled by an in-line spectrophotometer. Our interlinings are woven with USA cotton, polyester, and rayons, available in various weights, thicknesses, and handfeels. Within our range, we introduce the Stretch Collection of bi-elastic interlinings, along with a specialty water-evaporating and double-coated product group. Our coating department continually advances with wrinkle-free resins, industrial wash resins tested with 100X washes, and soft yet durable resins tailored for new fashion dress shirts.

Textile Industry


Our robust range of woven fabrics is meticulously crafted from cotton and cotton-polyester blends, all undergoing washing and finishing processes in our factory. These fabrics are further enhanced with a specialized resin formulation for the utmost durability during both wash and dry cleaning. The products boast a spectrum of presentations, ranging from ultra-soft to ultra-durable, with an extensive variety of pick counts available. 


Our development teams excel at creating precise combinations tailored for any built-up collar applications. When it comes to black colors, we employ yarn-dyed techniques, ensuring the maintenance of rich, dark colors without any risk of dye migration or fading. Across our global studios, hundreds of mock-ups are created each year, contributing to the seamless matching of interlining and fabric.


Today, stretchy fabric has evolved beyond traditional uses and has become increasingly standard in shirts. Wendell's development team, always at the forefront of innovation, has ingeniously combined the durability and washability of traditional cotton interlinings with stretchy polyester woven material. This breakthrough allows the interlinings to adapt and stretch alongside the fabric. 


These products find extensive application in collars and bands, providing both a firmer structure and a graceful drape when desired. We believe that the stretchy shirt realm is still in its infancy, with innovation just beginning. At Wendell, we are committed to daily development, introducing new items to align with the fabrics of tomorrow. 


When perfect placement is needed during the sewing process consider our wash out products offering a temporary bond both available in cotton and polyester blends and a few select weight and hand feels. The product is normally used in collar bands and pockets liners fuse at a very quick speeds and create the bonded fold and crease with perfect precision. The wash out effects create a natural and softer hand feel.

DOUble sided fusings

Our double-coated products excel in precision placement, creating a sandwich effect between the fabric and interlining that seamlessly collapses into one unified piece. This innovative approach has yielded outstanding results, particularly in collars, bands, and plackets, offering super-durable wash capabilities and distinctive aesthetics. 


With extensive experience in our studios, our team is eager for you to share your fabric with us. Together, we can infuse a refreshing new look into your garments, leveraging our expertise to enhance the overall appeal and durability of your creations. 


As new fabrics emerge, the need for innovative interlinings follows suit. The advent of post-cured wrinkle-free fabrics or non-iron shirt materials involves intricate processes such as dipping and high-temperature baking. In response, our woven interlinings for this application are meticulously crafted with heat-resistant adhesives, ensuring resilience against delamination and bubbling during the baking process. 


To facilitate comprehensive testing and mockup assembly, our studio stands ready to provide wash samples tailored to your specific fabric. This collaborative approach guarantees the seamless integration of our interlinings with your novel fabrics, ensuring optimal performance and durability in the evolving landscape of shirt fabrics. 

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